Council scholarships are available to entering male and female freshmen. Scholars receive $10,000 each year to defray tuition expenses. As council scholars, they are expected to participate in leadership, scholarship, mentorship and stewardship programs.


The OMWC currently has two staff mentors who meet with each scholar on a weekly basis. In addition, scholars are paired with a peer mentor their freshman year. Then beginning with their sophomore year, they are paired with a Career and a Life Mentor. The Life Mentor is usually selected from the OMWC members and the Career Mentor is selected based on the scholar’s major. These committed individuals regularly communicate with their “mentee” and guide them in their future career, help with life skills, and network with alumni.


To improve the quality of institutions, corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and communities, the next generation must aspire to levels of influence and decision making. They, too, must rely on proven systems, while having the courage to create new models.

Council scholars participate in a series of leadership symposiums using the philosophy of servant leadership as the core curriculum. The students are expected to demonstrate their leadership training in campus-wide organizations and serve as council speakers at special events.

By mixing the right ingredients with commitment, the University of Mississippi has a goal to emerge as the country’s leadership training ground for college students in the 21st century.


Upon completion of his or her degree, each council scholar is expected to pledge a modest amount of financial support to the OMWC Scholarship Endowment Fund for a minimum of five years in order to “reseed” the program. This stipulation was designed to teach each scholar the simple but powerful “act of giving.” Each student also is expected to demonstrate his or her commitment to community service by undertaking a volunteer initiative to actively exhibit new leadership skills. Mentors continue to help guide the process, monitor development and help each council scholar evaluate his or her growth.


How to Apply

  • Award Amount: $40,000 ($10,000 per year)

  • Eligibility: Scholarships are awarded each year to young men and women entering the freshman class at The University of Mississippi, unless otherwise designated by specific scholarships. Academic and leadership record is considered. Some scholarships may be need-based.

  • How to Apply: Apply for admission to The University of Mississippi. Complete Entering Freshman Scholarship Application. In some cases, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is also required. You may complete the FAFSA online at

  • Deadline: Submit an application by February 1. FAFSA priority date is February 15.

  • For More Information: Contact Us