Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders

We stand on the shoulders of the people who’ve helped us in life, those who guided, nurtured and motivated us – our mentors. We consider ourselves fortunate to have had people like this along our paths.

And if we have the opportunity to help fill that role for someone else, the cycle of rewarding experiences continues. The Ole Miss Women’s Council for Philanthropy (OMWC) offers to a select group of University of Mississippi students intentional encounters that provide exceptional support to scholars who will go on to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Scholarship. Leadership. Mentorship.

The OMWC scholarship program is open to both men and women studying on the Oxford campus. In addition to financial assistance, Women’s Council scholarships include leadership and mentorship components. It’s these three pillars – scholarship, leadership and mentorship – that make our program remarkable. We believe in fostering personal connections and offering leadership training, career development and cultural experiences to help students grow.   

Who Are Women’s Council Scholars?

The Ole Miss Women’s Council has impacted my life in so many ways. Not only has this organization provided me with the opportunity to attend college out of my home state, but I have also received countless experiences that will propel me towards my goals after I graduate from the University. The women in the council are truly some of the most generous and admirable people I have ever met, and I feel so grateful to be inspired by their work-ethic and selflessness. The Ole Miss Women’s Council has fostered a passion for philanthropy that I will carry for the rest of my life!”

Alexis Rose, Omaha, NE

Our students receive scholarships of $40,000 for four years of undergraduate study funded by annual income from scholarship endowments. They show ethical and caring behavior through a deep desire to help others. OMWC scholars participate in a series of leadership symposiums and utilize their abilities from leadership training in campus-wide organizations.

Why Give?

One-hundred percent of your gift, or membership contribution, goes directly to support programs designed for our OMWC scholars, including monthly leadership dinners, lunch and learns, an annual leadership conference, scholar trips and enrichment activities. Our innovative program is preparing students for meaningful lives and rewarding careers.

What Does My Gift Support?

The entirety of your gift goes directly to programming for OMWC scholarship recipients. Our scholars meet weekly with Women’s Council staff mentors as well as life and career mentors from the broader Ole Miss community. Scholars also learn and grow by participating in cultural and travel adventures.  

Help Us Thrive. Join the Rose Society.

Support the Women’s Council by joining the Rose Society. You can join with an annual gift of at least $1,000, which is payable outright or monthly. Not able to commit at the Rose Society level, but still want to participate? Ask about giving at the Rose Bud level with an annual membership contribution of $500 (open only to donors under 30 years old).

Your membership may be made in your name or to honor a special person in your life. Rose Society members are invited to Women’s Council programs, including a signature annual event held specifically to thank donors.

Today, you can join the Rose Society and support OMWC Scholars. Contact Suzanne Helveston, development associate, at 662.915.2956 and for more information.

As an OMWC scholar, my growth has not only been invested in academically but also my personally. OMWC has helped strengthen my individuality as a scholar, philanthropist, mentor, mentee, and musician throughout my time at Ole Miss. Not only am I going to graduate in two semesters with a degree debt-free, but I will be able to step into the workplace with confidence through the legacy that the OMWC has paved for my generation!”

Samantha Simpson, Corinth, MS

Having the opportunity to be a part of something as unique as the Ole Miss Women’s Council has been a huge blessing for me both personally and professionally. The resources and experiences that have been offered to me have changed my college experience considerably and provided me with a great support system here in Oxford. The outstanding mentorship program has been one of my favorite parts of the Ole Miss Women’s Council thus far, as well as forming relationships with fellow scholars through Red Plate Suppers and scholar trips. I am so grateful to be a part of something so special here at Ole Miss, and I know that this program and these people will stay with me long after I graduate.”

Emelia O’Neil, Smithton, IL

When I decided to attend Ole Miss, I was nervous about making friends and getting connected to my community – I didn’t know anyone, and I came from an extremely small high school. The moment I stepped onto campus, though, the Ole Miss Women’s Council provided me with a cohort and mentors that have become family and with a home away from home. The Ole Miss Women’s Council has built me up and given me the space and the resources to grow – I will never be able to say thank you enough to all of the people who dedicate time, energy, and resources to helping this program reach its full potential of creating a more caring and ethical society.”

Ian Pigg, Clifton, TN

Being a part of the Ole Miss Women’s Council has granted me with opportunities and lasting relationships. This is not merely just a scholarship program, it is my family away from home. The mentorship and never-ending support have tremendously helped to transform me into the person I am today.”

Amyaha Graham, Clarksdale, MS

Current Rose Society Members

  • Michelle Anderson
  • Meredith Aldridge
  • Dot Allen
  • Barbara and David Arnold
  • Natalie and Robert Bailess
  • Alicia Baladi
  • Margaret and John Barker
  • Wanda and Nick Barone
  • Ev and Johnny Barrett
  • Stephanie and Richard Barrett
  • Marshall Bennett
  • Allyson and Brad Best
  • Lauren and Mark Beyers
  • Sandy and John Black
  • Kimberly and Printz Bolin
  • Emily and Glenn Boyce
  • Beth and Ben Buffington
  • Brevard Family Foundation
  • Melody and Tony Cates
  • Jane and Clarence Chapman
  • Alice Clark
  • Ginger and Charles Clark
  • Patty and Don Clark
  • Dinah and Harold Clark
  • Lindsey and Josh Clemons
  • Mary Susan and J.D. Clinton
  • Bradford Cobb
  • Betty Lynn Collier
  • Pat Cooper
  • Lee and John Corlew
  • Ygondine Sturdivant Creasy
  • Meredith and Jimmy Creekmore
  • Beth and Val Cuthbert
  • Diane Davis
  • Laurie Davis
  • Alicia Dean
  • Natalie and Eric Dillon
  • Martha Tate and Henry Dodge
  • Ginger Evans
  • Jan and Lawrence Farrington
  • Rose and Richard Flenorl
  • Lassie and Harry Flowers
  • Gaye Flynt
  • Bethany and Bain Foote
  • Martha Dale and Eddie Fritts
  • Kimberley Fritts & Marion Turner
  • Mary Ann and Don Fruge’
  • Jean and Kees Gispen
  • Judy and Dan Grafton
  • Dottye Graham
  • Roane and Robert Grantham
  • Kate and John Green
  • Natashia Gregoire-Stuart
  • Susan and Matthew Grice
  • Connie and Danny Griffin
  • Nikki and Glynn Griffing
  • Donna and Aaron Halford
  • Carole and Hal Haney
  • Mary and Sam Haskell
  • Susan Hayman
  • Sally Hederman
  • LaDonna and Jim Helveston
  • Suzanne and Campbell Helveston
  • Katie Hester
  • Lorraine and Bill Hester
  • Diane and J.L. Holloway
  • Amy Honeycutt
  • Patricia Hopson
  • Ellen C. Johnson
  • Emily and Joseph Johnson
  • Alyson and B Jones
  • Candace and Bill Jones
  • Gloria Kellum
  • Edith Kelly-Green
  • Margaret Khayat
  • Claire and A.J. Kiamie
  • Ashley and Kirk Kinard
  • Martha Kirkley
  • Heather and Rama Konnar
  • Nancy Krpec
  • Linda and Wayne T. Lamar
  • Meredith and Dan Latham
  • Allison and Paul Lavender
  • Patty and Will Lewis
  • Barbera Liddon
  • Mitzi and Bill Linginfelter
  • Marla and Lowry Lomax
  • Courtney and Robert Love
  • Lisa and Hugh Mallory
  • Cathy and Don Martin
  • Olivia and Archie Manning
  • Sara Maxwell
  • Patricia McClure
  • Susan and David McCormick
  • Jessica and Taylor McNeel
  • Elizabeth Mehrle
  • Lynn and Scott Middleton
  • Cheryle and Dennis Miller
  • Emily Monsour
  • Jeanne and Mitch Monsour
  • Karen and Bruce Moore
  • Melanie and Hal Moore
  • Katie Naron
  • Sara and David Neely
  • Cindy and David O’Donnell
  • Charlotte and Paul Parks
  • Dana Pederson
  • Pam and Weldon Perkins
  • Beth and Chip Pickering
  • Gail and John Pittman
  • Patti and Sonny Pittman
  • Carol and Joe Pryor
  • Lib and Neal Quirk
  • Liz and Trace Randall
  • Sara and Bill Ray
  • Mary Sharp and Jim Rayner
  • Cindy and Bill Reed
  • Jenny Ritter
  • Mary K and Jim Rolfe
  • Rhonda and Chris Rousseau
  • Abby and Patrick Sala
  • Linda and Andy Schroeder
  • Diane and Dickie Scruggs
  • Christi Seely
  • Gail Seely
  • Candie Simmons
  • Betsy Collier Smith
  • Tywanna and Jason Smith
  • Vicki and Harry Sneed
  • Nancye Starnes
  • Anna Stroble
  • Chloe Sturges
  • Neal Sumner
  • Robyn and Rhea Tannehill
  • Suzan and Tommy Thames
  • Marsha and Frank Tindall
  • Nina Tollison
  • Judy Trott
  • Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy
  • Semmes VanBrocklin
  • Mollie and William VanDevender
  • Rosie and Steve Vassallo
  • Julie and Michael Waldorf
  • Nell Wall
  • Jane and Tom Walman
  • Deborah and Mark Walton
  • Mary Ellen and Bob Warner
  • Polly and W.G. Watkins
  • Elizabeth and Will West
  • Becky and Steve West
  • Mary Alice and Donald White
  • Sharon and Richard White
  • Marjorie and Beau Whittington
  • Wilma and Bob Wilbanks
  • Jane Claire and Nason Williams
  • Patricia and Mark Wise
  • Angie and David Wood
  • Marsha and Brent Wood
  • Mary Alice and Donny White
  • Sharone and Richard White
  • Priscilla and Michael Wright
  • Beth and Jack Yates
  • Erin and Billy Young

Rose Bud Society

  • Denver Clinton
  • Meagan Harkins
  • Caroline Hourin
  • Mikayla and Caleb Pracht
  • Emily Richmond
  • Paige Stolen