The Ole Miss Women’s Council Giving Society for International Studies or Internships

The Ole Miss Women’s Council for Philanthropy sponsors innovative programs that attract and develop students through leadership, scholarship, and mentorship. Because the classroom is just one dimension of a student’s learning experience, the Council recently endorsed The Global Leadership Circle. This international studies/internship component will enable students to expand their horizons, appreciate other countries and cultures, and continue their commitment to making the world a better place.

Becoming a Member of The Global Leadership Circle

Your gift of $25,000 ($5,000 per year for five years), which may be named in honor or memory of a loved one, covers expenses for scholars pursuing international studies or internships.

The Selection Process

OMWC scholars will be eligible provided they have at least a 3.0 GPA, which must be maintained whether studying internationally or interning. The application will be available online or in the office of the OMWC Program Coordinator. If there are more scholarships available than applicants, the Office of International Studies will award the available scholarships to non-OMWC students.

How to Donate to The Global Leadership Circle

Please complete the pledge agreement to formalize your financial commitment to become a member of The Global Leadership Circle. Your gift is $5,000 per year of 5 consecutive years and will be distributed to student awardees, as well as help to build a permanent endowment for assuring future growth of this program.

Read how Catrina Curtis volunteered abroad with the support of the GLC

Current Global Leadership Circle Members

  • Stephanie and Richard Barrett
  • Judi and Sam Carroll
  • Mary Susan and J.D. Clinton
  • Pat Cooper
  • Wendy Gordon Cromwell
    Lassie and Harry Flowers
  • Kimberley Fritts and Francis Marion
  • Mary Ann and Don Fruge`
  • Roane Grantham
  • Mary and Sam Haskell
  • The Holloway Foundation
  • Olivia and Archie Manning
  • Karen and Bruce Moore
  • Bond Oman
  • Beth and Chip Pickering
  • Sharon and Jeffrey Vitter
  • Leslie M. Westbrook, in honor of Paolo Frigerio