The Ole Miss Women’s Council for Philanthropy (OMWC) has been described as one of the most innovative scholarship programs in America. This groundbreaking program was founded in the year 2000 at the University of Mississippi and provides scholarships and counsel for male and female students destined to be leaders.

An accomplished council of female leaders and philanthropists has secured almost $20 million to endow OMWC scholarships awarded to deserving young men and women alike. In addition, the OMWC program provides significant guidance and training in leadership skills, exceptional life and career development, meaningful personal growth through cultural and travel opportunities, and beneficial alumni networking throughout the students’ tenure at the university.

Once an OMWC Scholar, a student can pursue enriching opportunities, with financial resources from the Council’s Global Leadership Circle. The program supports those students pursuing study abroad or internships on the national and international levels. The OMWC seeks young people who have already exhibited ethical and caring behavior through a deep desire to help others.

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