Ole Miss Women’s Council for Philanthropy

The University of Mississippi

The Legacy Award

Legacy Award

Twenty-five diverse women gathered at the University of Mississippi in the year 2000 to explore how they might nurture young men and women to help them become more successful professionals and servant-leaders in their communities. You could say the Ole Miss Women’s Council (OMWC) set out to change the world one student at a time. When the Council was created, its founders understood that the success of future generations of University of Mississippi students depended on more than just providing scholarships. This organization of remarkable women recognized that success in and beyond college relies on strong relationships and the nurturing support those relationships provide.

Mentorship, therefore, became the cornerstone of the OMWC scholarship program. Over the last 14 years, approximately 100 students have blossomed under the program, once described as one of the most creative and timely scholarship programs in the nation. The hands-on involvement of visionary OMWC members builds confidence in the scholars and broadens their views and experiences. Because of mentoring experiences and leadership training, OMWC scholars not only graduate and pursue meaningful careers, but they also become servant-leaders who understand the importance of giving back. The long-term impact of the program will be felt for generations to come.

In celebration of those scholarship recipients and the OMWC’s first decade of existence, the Council created the Legacy Award to recognize individuals who epitomize the Council’s goals of philanthropy, leadership, and mentorship and through their contributions have brought about definitive, positive changes in the University of Mississippi, state, and nation.

Previous Legacy Award Winners

2018 – Dr. Gerald M. “Doc” Hollingsworth

2017 – Jennifer Gillom & Peggie Gillom-Granderson

2016 – Robert Khayat

2015 – Charles Overby

2014 – Donna and Jim Barksdale

2012 – Governor and Mrs. William Winter

2011 – Olivia Manning

2010 – Leigh Anne Tuohy