Ole Miss Women’s Council for Philanthropy

The University of Mississippi

Establish a Scholarship Endowment



An endowed scholarship educates students in perpetuity.  Contributions of $125,000 for a general scholarship or $250,000 for an independent restricted scholarship are available.  An individual, corporation or foundation can establish a scholarship and be paid in a lump sum or paid over time. Scholarships are often named in honor or memory of a woman who personifies its spirit of both leadership and giving, but the endowment can be named otherwise at the donor’s discretion.

Pledges can be made annually over five years. Some scenarios are:

  • A woman names a scholarship after herself or an important woman in her life
  • A man names a scholarship after his wife, daughter, mother, or sister
  • A family names a scholarship after a female member or its parents
  • A business or organization names a scholarship as evidence of their commitment to women
  • A foundation names a scholarship to exhibit its commitment to education at the University of Mississippi
  • A group of individuals collaborate to name a scholarship after a woman