Ole Miss Women’s Council for Philanthropy

The University of Mississippi

Rose Society Member Spotlight

For the Rose Society Member Spotlight, the Ole Miss Women’s Council features Stephanie and Richard Barrett of Oxford, Mississippi.

“I initially joined the Rose Society because I was asked to mentor a lovely young lady, Amelia Dewitt, interested in a nursing career. I immediately accepted the challenge because I knew what a difference my life and professional mentors made in my career path and success. Amelia has been a perfect fit for me because of our similar career interests, personalities, and goals. I have no doubt that Amelia will be extremely successful in her career and life because of the opportunities that she has been afforded through the Ole Miss Women’s Council and Rose Society,” said Stephanie.

“We are very supportive of this generous philanthropic organization because of the work it does to empower young men and women and the cohesiveness it creates between the University and the city of Oxford. The OMWC is providing excellent experiences to very deserving students. It is very rewarding to watch the growth within these students and see where their paths lead.”

Stephanie and Richard are both graduates and longtime supporters of Ole Miss. They have three children: a son, Lawson, in his second year at the U.S. Air Force Academy, and two daughters, Mary Cannon, a senior in high school at Baylor in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Anna Kate, a junior at Oxford High school.